Electroforming por Leslie Curtis

Electroforming por Leslie Curtis

Titulo del libro: Electroforming

Autor: Leslie Curtis

Número de páginas: 144 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 23, 2013

ISBN: 0713652969

Editor: A&C Black

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Leslie Curtis con Electroforming

Electroforming is a technique used by jewellery makers as well as ceramicists and glass artists. It allows the manufacture of delicate and/or irregular shapes that would be difficult to achieve by other means, as well as repetition pieces (using moulds), which can also be difficult to make. For jewellery, electroforming means that relatively lightweight and delicate shapes can still be made rigid and strong, and that fastenings, etc., can be attached to difficult or irregular shapes. It also allows intricate details to be faithfully reproduced (coating a spider's web in gold to make jewellery, for example).

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