The Idle Traveller por Dan Kieran, AA Publishing

The Idle Traveller por Dan Kieran, AA Publishing

Titulo del libro: The Idle Traveller

Autor: Dan Kieran, AA Publishing

ISBN: 0749574739

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Dan Kieran, AA Publishing con The Idle Traveller

As we jet off on holiday, passing from airport lounge to hotel in our desperation to escape our everyday lives and find some better weather, we'd do well to ask ourselves what on earth we're doing. Do we really travel any more or do we just arrive? The Idle Traveller calls on us all to re-assess what we're setting off in search of and what travel has become. Dan Kieran argues we need to bin the brochure, glide rather than fly, embrace disaster, be epic in our travel pursuits and immerse ourselves in the life-changing experience of true journeying. Full of inspiration for making the journey more meaningful and fun, The Idle Traveller will transform the way you travel forever.

'a brilliant insight... deeply alluring... all beautifully told. Wherever you travel, you'd gain a lot from reading this book.' --Telegraph

'Dan Kieran is spot on... a timely, thoughtful, and even important book.' ****--Daily Mail 'thought provoking and often comical.' --Lonely Planet

'entertaining and endearing... the importance he places on really travelling will echo with anyone who shudders at the idea of booking a package holiday.' --Wanderlust

Dan Kieran is deputy editor of the "Idler." He is the editor of "Crap Vacations," "The Book of Idler Pleasures," and "The Idler Book of Crap Jobs," and he has written for the" Guardian," the "Observer," the "Sunday Times," and the "Times." Tom Hodgkinson is the author of "The Freedom Manifesto," "How To Be Idle," and "The Idle Parent."