Horses por Tony Stromberg

Horses por Tony Stromberg

Titulo del libro: Horses

Autor: Tony Stromberg

ISBN: 3832734260

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Tony Stromberg con Horses

Horses, just horses, sans riders, saddles and bridles unless they are in a stall, it is not something you see much anymore. But this is precisely what Tony Stromberg, equine photographer extraordinaire, gives us. He photographs these graceful animals in a pure and natural way that no other photographer can match. And now, his most beautiful shots are collected in this breathtaking photo book. Whether they are in stalls, in the paddock, or in fields and woods Stromberg employs a perfect balance between light and shadow, unique composition, and a superlative feel for the right moment to make these majestic animals come alive, creating an authentic homage to a glorious creature. However, his pictures go far beyond merely depicting horses beauty. Stromberg, a former advertising photographer, had his first encounters with horses in the 1990s at a time when he was suffering from terrible burnout himself. But in these gentle companions, he found, in his words, teachers and soulmates who helped him regain a sense of peace. The deep connection to horses he has built since then is clearly evident in his photos, which is what makes them so special.

For two decades, Tony Stromberg made his mark as a very successful advertising photographer. However, a quiet but gnawing voice eventually drew Tony out of his commercial roots and deep into the soul of the West. What Tony had gained in reputation, he felt he was losing in his quality of life. Just before the turn of the millennium, he began his pilgrimage away from the frenetic world of advertising and into a world possessing a different respect for nature and the land a world expansive enough to hold a deep-rooted meaning and purpose for both himself and his newly discovered partner, the horse. Tony has spent much of his time learning the nuances and habits of his most beloved equine companions in their natural environment. The spirit of the horse, quotes Tony, is a magnificent teacher of humanity. In both their physical and their archetypal form, horses help bring us back to something wild and unrestrained, reminding us of a sense of freedom that many have forgotten. They teach us about honesty and authenticity, because they know no other way of being. They teach us about collaboration over dominance. And they teach us to respect and honor the unknown, rather than fear it and try to destroy it. Tony s work is an homage to the equine spirit, and a celebration of their remarkable presence in our lives. Oftentimes referred to as visual poetry, his images truly embrace and reveal the incredible beauty and grace of the horse. He lives with his wife in New Mexico and his website is:

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