Stories That Feed Your Soul por Tony Campolo

Stories That Feed Your Soul por Tony Campolo

Titulo del libro: Stories That Feed Your Soul

Autor: Tony Campolo

Número de páginas: 212 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 13, 2010

Editor: Baker Books

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Tony Campolo con Stories That Feed Your Soul

Bestselling author and modern-day prophet Tony Campolo believes that one of the best ways to tell the grand story of the gospel is to tell stories of everyday life where God is at work...just as Jesus did during his earthly ministry. This collection of stories from Tony's lifelong friendships and international travels allow readers to "overhear" the gospel at work around the world. Set around Romans 8, the stories center on eight gospel themes: freedom of condemnation, new life in Christ, intimacy with God, the call to rescue creation, living with hope, praying in the Spirit, God's plans for us, and the assurance we need. Whether humorous or poignant, each one is an unforgettable echo of God at work around us and within us.

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