Orgasm Matters por Steve Bodansky

Orgasm Matters por Steve Bodansky

Titulo del libro: Orgasm Matters

Autor: Steve Bodansky

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Steve Bodansky con Orgasm Matters

"“Orgasm Matters” is a how to book describing the optimum ways to receive and give sexual pleasure based on Steve Bodansky’s 35 plus years of research and teaching with his wife Vera. Much new information is depicted since their previously published books. There is an entire chapter dedicated to pleasuring a woman before even getting to her clitoris. There is more about male orgasm than before. This book includes new insights that describe the finest ways to self-pleasure, the best ways to communicate with your partner, how to feel the most with each stroke, how women can have a better experience with intercourse and how to seduce your partner to surrender their orgasm and go for pure pleasure. Dr. Steve has explained the many promising health benefits of orgasm and the possible few negative side effects. He weaves explicit arousing techniques among their personal intimate stories to explain what he has found that works and what does not work in creating orgasmic pleasure. The final chapter is a vivid description of a triple certification performed publically of a Demonstration of an Extended Massive Orgasm that will give you clear answers to many of the questions their numerous students have asked repeatedly. After reading this book it is guaranteed that you will be in a position to take your love making to new heights.

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