The Republic (AmazonClassics Edition) (English Edition) por Plato

The Republic (AmazonClassics Edition) (English Edition) por Plato

Titulo del libro: The Republic (AmazonClassics Edition) (English Edition)

Autor: Plato

Número de páginas: 636 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 8, 2017

Editor: AmazonClassics

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Plato con The Republic (AmazonClassics Edition) (English Edition)

What is justice? In Plato’s Socratic dialogue, The Republic, the citizens of ancient Greece explore the world’s most fundamental question.

In search of an ideal civilization, Socrates leads Glaucon, Polemarchus, Thrasymachus, and others in debates about various subjects, including justice, truth, class, and art. For without righteousness, tyranny and injustice give rise to oligarchy.

The influential dialogues of The Republic helped shape all of Western literature and philosophical thought. It is as much a doctrine of ethics and politics now as it was for the ancient Greeks, and its dilemma remains: how to create a perfect society populated by very imperfect human beings.

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Revised edition: Previously published as The Republic, this edition of The Republic (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.