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SCETT is a unique organisation which draws its strength from the comprehensive nature of its membership.  It is the only national body enjoying the active support of all the major education trade unions and professional associations together with HEI teacher education providers, Training Schools and individual members. As the traditional boundaries within education in general, and teacher education in particular, continue to shift, it is ever more important to sustain the role of SCETT in facilitating debate amongst all stakeholders in Teacher Education and Professional Development.

SCETT seminars and the annual conference deal with issues of current significance and are designed as opportunities for the exchange of information and the clarification of views. SCETT then communicates its concerns to national agencies and policy makers.

Membership of SCETT and participation in its annual programme of events not only provides opportunity to be informed but also to participate with colleagues in constructing and obtaining a hearing for professional voices.

Our recent programme has included such issues as learning to learn, faith schooling, the 14 – 19 developments and technological change.


Constituent Members - education unions and professional associations - as listed in the SCETT constitution (£750)

Associate Member - organisations with a direct interest in teacher education may join as an Associate Member (£100).

Individual Member - any individual with an active interest in teacher education and the continuing professional development of teachers can join on a personal basis (£10)